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Significant Other

How Can you tell if you’re in love?

Powerful questions are a great way to start conversations that will help you figure out if you are called to be with this person. Read 15 Questions to Ask Someone Before You Fall Head Over Heels in Love.
These questions also work for people who have been together for a while… even for married couples! Try them!

How can you Handle Conflict in Your Relationship?

Relationship conflict is inevitable. There are things you can do, things that you are called to do, that can ease the impact of a conflict. Check out these 11 Rules of Engagement for Couples.

A Musical Reflection

There’s a reading from the Bible that you often hear at weddings. It’s a beautiful reflection on the meaning and lasting power of love. Here’s that reading set to music:

Here are some words used by the author to describe love:

  • Patient
  • Kind
  • No arrogance
  • No pride
  • No rudeness
  • No jealousy
  • Seeks the good of others
  • Does not keep track of failures
  • Finds no joy in wrongdoing
  • Finds joy in the truth
  • It endures
  • It never fails

When you look at that list, how do you feel called to grow in your capacity to love another person?

Take some time to write down your thoughts. Ask:

  • What am I called to do in response to these reflections?
  • How will I do what I’m called to do?
  • When will I start?
  • Who can support my efforts?

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