Mass Times

Saturday Vigil: 4:30 pm
Sunday: 9:30 am
Daily Mass or Communion Service: 9:00 am

Altar Servers

The opportunity to serve Mass is open to all people beginning with 4th graders. Masses served include 4:30 pm Saturday, and 9:30 am Sunday, as well as the 9:00am Mass during the week, weddings, funerals, and Holy Days. Training is available at any time, new servers are always welcome!

The adult server ministry was formed in 1976 as a result of Fr. Dennis Grabowski discontinuing the use of child servers for the 7:30am Sunday Mass. He recognized that because of the early hour and the one-hour fast requirement, the children serving Mass were having cold breakfast or toast afterward. He felt it was not a good practice or good nutrition for growing children. As a result, the adult server ministry at St. Joseph Church is growing! Any Confirmed adults are invited to join this ministry. Training is available at any time!


Eucharistic Ministers

St. Joseph Church began using lay persons as Eucharistic Ministers around 1975.

Eucharistic Ministers are responsible for distributing the Body and Blood of Christ at the weekend Masses and other times Mass is celebrated. Training in the specifics of the ministry is provided throughout the year. Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion may serve at any Mass they attend.



The use of Lectors began at St. Joseph Church began June 16, 1968. Originally, one Lector was used per Mass. In 1990, the duty of Lector was split between two people.

Lectors proclaim the Word of the Lord during the Liturgy. A lector should have a passion for Scripture, an ability to interpret and understand Scripture, and sufficient public speaking skills to proclaim the Word to the assembly. Training in the specifics of the ministry is provided throughout the year. Lectors are assigned on a rotating schedule.



The title of Usher can be very misleading, since the responsibilities have grown far more encompassing over the years. Not only have the Ushers at St. Joseph Church assisted with seating parishioners in pews, but included among their duties are collecting the weekly offerings and special collections, obtaining individuals or families to carry the Gifts to the altar, greeting parishioners as they come to church, supply first aid to anyone in need, keeping an orderly procession of parishioners going to Communion, maintain the safety of walkways in the wintertime, and distributing weekly bulletins. As a group the organization has been and continues to be led by a Head Usher whole one usher is in charge of the usher services at each Mass.



Greeters make all who attend Mass feel welcome as they extend a smile, offer a handshake and open a door as parishioners enter St. Joseph Church. Greeters may also answer questions and direct parishioners as needed. This is a great ministry for those who are very busy because you can complete your service while you are already here to worship. Our Greeters are some of the happiest, kindest people on earth. Ministers are needed at weekend and Holy Day Masses.

Click HERE for Liturgical Minister Guidelines


Music Ministries

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