Mass Times

Saturday at 4:30 pm
Sunday at 9:00 am


Eucharistic Adoration is a devotional meditation on the presence of Jesus in the Eucharistic bread. It is an act of reverence shown to Jesus when a consecrated host is placed in a sacred vessel called a Monstrance for us to adore. The purpose of the devotion is to increase, through prayerful reflection, our love for God and for others and to enhance our participation in the primary expression of Eucharistic faith, the Sunday Mass.

St. Joseph Church offers the opportunity to participate in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament every Tuesday from 2pm-7pm and every Thursday from 9:30am-6pm. We have a committed group of parishioners that adore for hour intervals both days. St. Joseph Church would like to extend an invitation to others to participate in this devotion either by visiting or by becoming a regular participant.

Centering Prayer: A Silent prayer method

Centering Prayer is a silent prayer form that is very appropriate for adoration. Here is a guide prepared by Fr. Thomas Keating, the world’s foremost expert on silent prayer.

Centering Prayer Guide

Centering Prayer Video Guide

Other adoration ideas

Maybe you’d like to be a little more creative and varied in your approach to adoration.  CLICK HERE to read about one person’s creative suggestions for adoration.