Mass Times

Saturday Vigil: 4:30 pm
Sunday: 9:30 am
Daily Mass or Communion Service: 9:00 am

Prayer Chain Dinner

Mon. October 21 – 6:00 pm

All who participate in the Prayer Chain ministry and those interested in joining the ministry are invited to this celebration of the power of prayer! The dinner will be hosted in the parish social hall. Contact Judy @ 330-734-5155 for more information.

The St. Joseph Prayer Chain is a group of parishioners who pray for the needs of parishioners and others. If you are called to delve more deeply into prayer for others, contact us to join this meaningful ministry.

If you have requested prayers for someone for a particular situation that has resolved and the person no longer needs to be on our prayer list, please contact us to let us know.

For more information, to submit a prayer request, or to join us, call one of the following prayer leaders:

  • Judy: 330-734-5155
  • Rosemary: 330-793-2807
  • Margie: 330-793-3412

CLICK HERE if you would like to submit a request for prayer by email.