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Abuse Prevention and Reporting

Abuse Reporting Guidelines

Your local Victim Assistance Coordinator is available to help you or anyone who has been abused or victimized by someone representing the Catholic Church.  We encourage you to come forward and speak out.

How to Report Suspected Child/Vulnerable Adult Abuse

To Civil Authorities: Report any incidents of suspected abuse or neglect to Children Services in your county or to local law enforcement.

To the Diocese of Youngstown: Report any incidents of suspected abuse by personnel of the Diocese of Youngstown to civil authorities and to the Diocesan Safe Environment/Victim Assistance Coordinator, Dominic Colucy.

Office: 330-744-8451

Response Line: 330-718-1388

By Mail: Catholic Diocese of Youngstown, Attn. Dominic Colucy, 144 W. Wood St., Youngtown, OH 44503

For additional resources please visit

Preventing Child and Vulnerable Adult Abuse

While reporting abuse is critically important to our ongoing work against abuse, preventing abuse is even more important.

The Diocese of Youngstown and St. Joseph Parish are committed to creating an environment that is safe for children and for adults who are vulnerable to abuse. All of our staff are required to comply with diocesan policies on abuse prevention. To learn more about the details of abuse prevention, here are two documents that outline what is being done in our diocese to prevent child abuse.

The first document is part of the training resources that our employees receive. The second document is taken from the Diocese of Youngstown website referenced above.

Additional Resources

Abuse is often associated with mental health issues; and other forms of abuse, such as domestic violence, are also important to learn about for a more comprehensive approach to abuse prevention.