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Mass Times

Saturday at 4:30 pm
Sunday at 9:30 am

Married Couples

Marriage Coaching at St. Joseph

CoachingToConnect-Logo-TaglineSt. Joseph Church has entered into a partnership with Coaching to Connect to offer marriage coaching services at a significantly reduced rate.

Coaching is a powerful tool that couples can use to enhance a good marriage. Other interventions may be necessary to address serious marriage problems. Here is some of what can happen in marriage coaching:

  • Reignite the flame in a marriage that is coasting
  • Take a good marriage to the next level of happiness
  • Address topics such as affection, teamwork, creating meaningful conversation, family/work balance, sex, negotiating disagreements, infidelity, finances, household chores, parenting, annoying habits, bringing the fun back, and more
  • Clarify your vision and lower your stress

Couple Confidentiality and Privacy

Coaching to Connect practices conform to the Code of Ethics of the International Coach Federation. Couples are assured of full confidentiality, and coaching is available in multiple locations and through a variety of media to fit your schedule and your unique circumstances. You can have your sessions at St. Joseph Church, at the home office of Coaching to Connect in Youngstown, or by phone so you never have to leave your home. The choice is yours!

LET’S GET STARTED! Contact Jim Merhaut at 330-261-1630 or to inquire about marriage coaching service for you.

Marriage Builders

marriage_bldrs_logo-400x225-300x168Marriage Builders is a comprehensive marriage-services organization in Minneapolis. Their website is filled with free and downloadable resources to enrich marriage. St. Joseph marriage coaching services incorporate their insights. They also have a daily podcast.

CLICK HERE to access the Marriage Builders website.


Building Trust in Your Marriage

John Gottman is perhaps the most respected marriage researcher in the world. Here he speaks about the simple and essential task of building trust in marriage.