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Domestic Violence

What Is Domestic Violence?


Domestic violence is a serious and dangerous issue for many families. Here are the ways that it can show up in your home:

Consistent patterns of some of these behaviors could indicate abuse.

    • Violence against any part of your body;
    • Being forced to move or to not move against your will
    • Using words or silence to degrade you or as an attempt to make you feel unworthy
    • Mental coercion and mind games used to plant fear within you or to isolate you from supportive people
    • Using sex in forceful ways or in ways that do not respect your sexual preferences
    • Destroying property or household items to intimidate you or control you
    • Forcing you to be religious or not religious in ways that are not consistent with your conscience;
    • Using Scripture or religious beliefs to control you
    • Controlling the budget;
    • Demanding an account for every penny;
    • Keeping financial secrets;
    • Denying basic needs

Animal abuse is another form of domestic violence that we need to be aware of. Neglecting the nutritional, housing, or veterinary care of an animal is reason for concern. Directly harming an animal in a physical way is abusive.

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Types of Domestic Abuse and Signs

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Help is available:

  • Call 911 and report to the police. (In many cases, this will be enough to stop the violence.)
  • Call a neighbor or relative to seek temporary shelter.
  • Call Sojourner House in Mahoning County (24/7 availability, 330-747-4040).
  • If you are not eligible for services at Sojourner House, dial 211 for a local referral service that will connect you with the agency that can be of most help to your situation.