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To learn more about the connection between slavery and the prison system, view the Netflix documentary “Thirteenth.”

Join fellow parishioners in safe and effective ways to offer ministry to those who are incarcerated.

St. Joseph prison ministry was developed to respond to Jesus call to accompany those in prison (see Matthew 25) and to offer parishioners an opportunity to make a positive difference in our community. We have learned that by offering kindness and concern to prisoners, their chances at rehabilitation improve. Prison ministry really makes a difference, according to a multi-university study entitled, The Impact of a Volunteer Prison Ministry Program on the Long-term Recidivism of Federal Inmates. 

Hope Letters

Hope letters is a way to participate with other parishioners in a letter-writing campaign to prisoners who are preparing to re-enter society. Under the guidance of professional prison ministers, parishioners will learn ways to offer support to prisoners while not taking any unnecessary risks that could jeopardize their own safety. Click the “Read more” button below to access the Hope Letters manual.


First Hope Letters Training: Sunday, April 30, 2023 10:00-11:30 am.

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