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Happy Easter!!!

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This Sunday…

Enjoy this Lively Piece from Jason Volovar!

Information on the Coronavirus

All Masses are cancelled indefinitely to honor the social distancing that is necessary to reduce the impact of the coronavirus.

Please join us for weekday morning prayer on our Facebook page each day at 9:00 am.

All other meetings at the parish are also cancelled.

The link below will give you access to a document with guidelines and suggestions for how to nurture spiritual communion while watching a televised mass.

Spiritual Communion via Streamed-Televised Mass

Collecting Email Addresses

We have email addresses for many, but not all, of our parishioners. If you do not receive email from us, please provide your email address here so that we can stay in touch with you during the social distancing phase of our plan to address the coronavirus. Email will be our regular way of communicating updates.

Email Addresses

Collection of email addresses during the coronavirus pandemic
  • Providing your cell phone will give you the option in the near future to choose text communications rather than email communications.
    Checking this box will subscribe you to the email version of Fr. Fedor's Monthly Calendar Letter. It is the same calendar letter you usually receive in the bulletin, but it includes links to additional information and resources. If you try it and don't like it, it's easy to unsubscribe.


This church is growing!

St. Joseph has added families and/or members every month since March of 2019. Here are the totals! You are invited to be a part of something special!

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Resources for EASTER

The people of Saint Joseph Parish, Austintown, Ohio are called to joyfully proclaim the gospel message in a spirit of freedom, justice, and love.

Blessed with a rich variety of backgrounds and talents, we are a living reflection of the universal church of Jesus Christ guided by the spirituality and teachings of our Roman Catholic Traditions.

We proclaim the presence of God by dedicating ourselves to worshipping, witnessing, teaching and learning; we believe that our living worship builds community around the table of the Eucharist and fosters Christian Unity by developing love for the Word of God.

Pondering God’s Call?

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