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Maybe you’re not really interested in joining a church.

That’s not uncommon! Your search for purpose, your search for joy, your search for connection is important, and, as a church, we are happy to assist anyone who wants to grow spiritually whether or not they want to join a church. This part of our website is designed to give you space to explore, on your own, some ways to grow spiritually in key areas of your life.

Maybe you have doubts about God.

It’s normal to question who God is when you are on a spiritual journey. God is a mystery that no person and no group will ever figure out completely. There aren’t a whole lot of things we can say about God with complete confidence. But we are sure of this: God and love are very closely connected… some have said they are the same thing.

When we use the word God on these pages, we encourage you to move beyond any specific image such as an old man in the sky. Instead, maybe images associated with loving relationships can come to mind when you think about God. God is the creator and sustainer of those deep and wonderful connections in loving relationships. God moves most powerfully in the experience of love.

There is a Voice Calling You.

When someone loves you, they are interested in your well being. If God and love are closely related, then it could be said that God is interested in your well being. The voice of love calls you to your best self.

There are many callings that we hear in our daily lives. They are all important and could be moments of growth for you. Spouses or other family members call on us to do things. Bosses and coworkers call out to us too. Friends call out to us. Politicians call us. Nature calls out to us. Even your own body can call out to you. God’s callings happen within these very ordinary human experiences of calling. Somewhere in these experiences is embedded the call to respond with love. When someone or something calls out to you, how are you being called to respond in a loving way? Hearing that part of the call is a way to hear God’s voice.

What is a calling? It’s a voice, but not necessarily a spoken voice. It’s something we experience inside of ourselves and through our relationships and through life events. This voice invites us, without forcing us (because true love and force are not compatible), to respond to someone or some need in a good and loving way. You may hear this voice in your family, in your work, in your community, in your quiet time or in any number of situations. The voice can seem stronger when we hear it in multiple settings and from multiple trusted sources, and if what we hear is rooted in love and leads us to loving responses, we can be more certain that we are hearing and responding to a calling from God.

So think about your life. Where in your life are you experiencing some kind of calling? Pick a category below to explore what calling might look like in that part of your life.

Let’s talk about values

Managing change

Grief and bereavement

Loving in big ways

That special someone

Children & aging parents

Making, keeping friends

Loving yourself

Making work meaningful

Learning to budget

Body wisdom

Your home speaks

For further learning…

What do we mean by calling?