Mass Times

Saturday at 4:30 pm
Sunday at 9:00 am

Livestream Mass


You can view our livestream on our YouTube page. CLICK HERE to access our YouTube page. Usually 10-15 minutes before the start of a weekend Mass or 5 minutes before the start of a weekday Mass or communion service, you will see a red LIVE button on the video that is currently streaming. Click on that video to access the livestream.

Prayer for Spiritual Communion

We invite you to say the following prayer at communion time as a way to spiritually unite yourself with those in church who are receiving communion.

Father, Son, & Spirit:

Thank you for the gift of Christ’s presence in the Eucharist. Since I cannot receive communion at this moment, I invite Christ’s love into my heart. I focus my attention on being filled with the Holy Spirit. I offer my life to the Father’s will. I pray that this experience of communion will stay with me throughout my day and every day and empower me to generously share God’s love with others. Amen.

Additional Instructions:

  • To view past livestreams or other St. Joseph videos, visit our YouTube Page.
  • You can get notifications every time we go live with a mass or communion service with 2 easy steps:
    • Click on the “Subscribe” button below any of our videos. You can access our videos with the Video Library button below.
    • Click the bell icon that will show up to the right of the subscribe button after you subscribe.

Contact Staff

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