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Mass Times

Saturday at 4:30 pm
Sunday at 9:30 am

Daily Video Scripture Reflection for Busy People

CLICK HERE to access a listing of daily video Scripture reflections.

Tuesday Bible Study with Dr. Tom Sauline
9:30-11 am in Mercy Hall

Current Focus for October 19 – November 30:

First Corinthians: Proclaiming Christ Crucified overviews the First Letter of Paul to the Corinthians.  The overview includes a description of first century culture in Corinth, purpose of the Pauline letters, reflections on Paul’s theology of Christ crucified, and Paul’s pastoral instruction on issues facing the church in Corinth.  Students will learn how to read Paul’s letter for insights about living as follower of Jesus today.

GOALS:  Participants will study

  • Select passages from 1st
  • Paul’s theology of Christ crucified.
  • Paul’s pastoral instruction on issues confronting the Church in Corinth.

OUTCOMES:  Participants will

  • Identify select passages from 1st
  • Gain insights into Paul’s theology.
  • Draw lessons from Paul’s pastoral instruction for living as a disciple of Jesus.

METHODS:  Participants will

  • Read the assigned biblical texts and commentaries at home.
  • Discuss the questions for reflection during the sessions.
  • Pray with select passages.

2021-22 Dates:

  • Sept 7 – April 26

Time: 9:30 – 11:00 am

Place: The Mackin Room

Download the schedule  for a complete listing of topics and dates through April.

Check the parish calendar for the up-to-date schedule.

Bible Study with Fr. Fedor


Fr. Gregory Fedor offers Bible study on the Sunday readings during the seasons of Advent and Lent. Check back for more information.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Fr. Fedor!

Scripture Chat

CLICK HERE to access simple reflections on the Sunday gospel readings. This resource is intended to help you prepare spiritually for the upcoming Sunday Mass each week.