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The Power of Calling Documentary

Living Lives of Meaning & Purpose

This powerful documentary tracks the lives of individuals, families, friends, and churches who are following God’s call into challenging and deeply meaningful life adventures. You will see a part of yourself in their very ordinary but inspiring journeys and perhaps their stories will clarify a calling that has been nudging you in a new direction.

Story #1

A New England family of 8 remarkably became a family of 12 and then had to figure out a creative new direction when they discovered that society was ill-equipped to meet the needs of their adult sons with disabilities.

Story #2

A church in Minnesota learns about a serious unmet medical need in their community and interprets the need as a calling from God to do something that most churches would never dream of doing. The results are as life-changing for the church members as they are for the people they serve.

Story #3

A bright and talented woman in a high-paying and rewarding career interprets the nudging of those close to her as God’s persistent call to get off the fast track and use her gifts to follow God more closely by switching careers and living more from the heart.

Characteristics of a Calling from God

When you think you hear God calling, how do you know it’s God’s voice? How do you know you’re not having a psychotic break from reality. Let’s face it, hearing voices in your head can be a not-so-good thing, but, on the other hand, you may be hearing a small voice nudging you in a positive direction, and that could be the voice of God. We offer these nine characteristics of a calling to help you figure out whether or not a voice you are hearing is the authentic voice of God.

First, let’s clarify what we mean by a “voice” in our heads. A voice can be a simple thought we are having. A voice can be something we’ve read in a book or on a website. A voice can be a character from a movie or television show. A voice can be a friend or loved one who encourages us or challenges us. We hear many voices in our heads. Examine these nine characteristics as guides to help you figure out whether the voices in your life are leading you to a life of deeper meaning and purpose.

Also, keep these nine characteristics in mind as you watch the documentary. You’ll see them showing up over and over in the way the people in the documentary describe their calling experiences.

  1. I am following a voice that is calling me to build loving and just relationships, not to create division in relationships.
  2. I am following a voice that leads me deeper into a communal experience, not deeper into isolation.
  3. I am following a voice that is consistent with the Good News of Jesus Christ presented in the four Gospels, and if there are conflicting biblical voices, the Gospel voice has priority.
  4. I am following a voice that expands my capacity for joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-mastery.
  5. I am following a voice that is inspired by the witness of others who are dedicated to building a more just and loving world.
  6. I am following a voice that aligns with my life situation, including my interpersonal commitments, the condition of my body, my talents and strengths, and the events around me.
  7. I am following a voice that is calling me to meet a need.
  8. I am following a voice that is challenging me to grow and develop courageously.
  9. I am following a voice that I hear in both private and communal prayer and that is affirmed by those who know me best and love me.

Enjoy the Show!