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Mass Times

Saturday at 4:30 pm
Sunday at 9:30 am


Celebration of Callings Event

Our celebration of callings at the end of April was a great event. If you missed it, you can experience the whole event; everything was recorded!!! Use the EXPLORE button below to access the recordings, and you can read more about the keynote presenter, Rick Steves, below the button.

About Rick Steves

Rick Steves, America’s most respected authority on European travel, empowers Americans to have European trips that are fun, affordable, and culturally broadening. In 1976, he started his business, Rick Steves’ Europe, headquartered in Edmonds, Washington, near Seattle. There he produces a best-selling guidebook series, a popular public television show, a weekly public radio show, a syndicated travel column, and free travel information available through his travel center and Rick Steves’ Europe also runs a successful small-group tour program taking 30,000 travelers to Europe annually.

Rick Steves in Florence, Italy

God is calling you!
Discover Your Calling

God calls us every day to love and serve others.

Calling During the Covid-19 Pandemic

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Calling is a central part of the Christian life:

Paul Gleditsch (1793–1872 Vienna)
The Baptism of Christ; after Reni, ca. 1815–72 Austrian,
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Harris Brisbane Dick Fund, 1947

who we are called to be—the core of our identity, as created by God and baptized in Christ, and sent forth to serve by the power of the Holy Spirit;

how we are called to live—our commitments of lifestyle and relationships, including marriage, parenting, or the single life;

what we are called to do—the work, service and activities that fill our daily lives, including paid or professional work, volunteering, homemaking, raising children or caregiving.

God calls us every day:

  • In Multiple Ways
  • To Be Followers of Christ
  • From People, Places or Situations
  • For Service and Work
  • Through Each Other
  • In Suffering
  • By the God Within
  • As We Are

CLICK HERE for more resources on calling!

Called to Pray & Worship at Home

Parish C3 Core Team

Therese Burns
Ray Capezzuto
Cindee Case
Chris Cunningham
Linda Landers
Josh Potkanowicz
Teresa Schanz
Donna Marie Shilling

Fr. Fedor, Pastor
Jim Merhaut, Pastoral Associate
Tom Sauline, Pastoral Associate