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Serving the World

The call to serve others can be expressed in so many ways. We serve in our homes to meet the needs of family members. We serve in our neighborhoods to meet the needs of our neighbors. We reach out to help victims of national disasters in any part of our country. All of these expressions of service are essential and deeply meaningful.

In addition to serving locally, many people experience a strong call to serve beyond our national borders. Some will go to other countries in person while others will serve by sharing time and/or material resources to address needs in any part of the world. While other pages on this website explore ways to serve in our families and our communities, this page is dedicated to service internationally.

Overcoming Hunger

Following the Call to Save the Oceans

Addressing Migration Issues


Catholic Relief Services provides lots of ways to serve the world right from your own home. We invite you to take a look at their projects to see if you can find a way to express your call to serve the world. The button below will take you to the Catholic Relief Services website.

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