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Parenting Kids

Parenting is an honor, a reward, and a challenge! It’s a skill we’re not born with, so we have to learn about it and practice it if we are going to be good at it. The better we get, the more rewarding it can be! This page is dedicated to parents of younger children up to age 14. CLICK HERE for our page for parents of older teens. Check back regularly to explore these helpful resources.



Dealing with Anxiety or Depression in Children

More children are showing signs of anxiety and depression these days. They are under a lot of pressure. Here’s a link to a short article from the Centers for Disease Control to offer you some information and guidance on anxiety and depression in children. If you notice symptoms in your child, we recommend that you consult a healthcare professional.

Anxiety & Depression Article

Parenting Competency Test

No parent is the perfect parent. We all have strengths in some areas of parenting and room to grow in other areas. We are called to celebrate our strengths and develop our potential growth areas. This parenting competency test by Dr. Robert Epstein will give you some helpful feedback on your strengths and your growth areas as a parent.
CLICK HERE to give it a try. It’s free!

Keep Connected

Keep Connected is sponsored by the Search Institute and provides outstanding resources for parents free of charge. The following links provide helpful developmental information and support for parents with children of all ages. Visit our youth ministry parent page for support with teen parenting issues.



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