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Fr. Fedor’s Corrected December Calendar Letter

Fr. Fedor’s Calendar Letter With Corrected Dates for two of the Reconciliation Services

November 23, 2022

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Dear Members and Friends of St. Joseph Church and Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, 

I hope that your Thanksgiving Day feasting prepared you well for the Season of Advent. We have a tendency to overlook the Church’s liturgical season in the face of our culture’s emphasis on Christmas as an economic event. We are constantly bombarded with messages that urge us to buy, buy, and buy! The Season of Advent offers a different and ultimately much more important message. Through the readings and prayers of this liturgical season we are reminded to prepare, prepare, prepare! This preparation focuses on the return of Christ in triumph in the first part of the season, and only after December 16 does our attention turn to the Nativity, or birth, of our Lord Jesus.

To help with our preparation for what is ultimately important, there are many activities I will highlight.

  • Saturday, December 3, Confessions will be heard St. Joseph at 3:30pm. This day will also mark the 3rd anniversary of music ministry for Jason Volovar at St. Joseph.. Please consider joining the choir or becoming a cantor to help with his many gifts that he provides for our worship.
  • Sunday, December 4, the Knights of Columbus are having a pancake breakfast at IHM.
  • The Feast of the Immaculate Conception (Thursday, December 8th) is a Holy Day of Obligation. The Mass schedule is 9:00 am and Noon at St. Joseph and at 6:00pm at IHM.
  • Friday, December 9, the singing group, The Men of Independence, will have a concert at St. Joseph Church at 7:00pm.
  • Saturday, December 10, we will accept our Candidates for Confirmation at 4:30pm Mass..
  • Monday, December 12, all parishioners in our region will have the opportunity to celebrate Reconciliation at the Communal Penance Service held at St. Michael in Canfield. On Tuesday, December 13, the Communal Penance Service will be at IHM. On Thursday, December 15, the Communal Penance Service will be at St. Catherine Church in Lake Milton. The service will begin at 7:00 pm. at each location. There will be several confessors available. In preparing for the return of Christ and the celebration of Christmas, Confession is literally good for the soul!
  • The Eucharist will be celebrated at 4:00 pm on Christmas Eve. We will have Mass at 9:00 am on Christmas Day. At Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mass will be at 5:30 pm Christmas Eve and at 11:00 am on Christmas Day.
  • Mass for the Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God will be at 4:30 pm on New Year’s Eve at St. Joseph.
  • The Masses for the Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God on Sunday, January 1, are 9:00am at St. Joseph and 11:00am at IHM. 

I am eager to celebrate the holidays with all of you this year. Praying that God continues to bless and keep you, I remain

Sincerely Yours in Christ,

Rev. Gregory F. Fedor