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What does it look like to work with a sense of calling and a sense of purpose?

In the video, Kimberly says, “I don’t feel gifted to be a pastor, but I do feel strongly gifted to build homes.” Kimberly’s gift as a contractor is connected to her work calling. She believes that she is being spiritual by following her calling to build homes. She said, “I want my work to be a reflection of my faith in God.”

Kimberly’s calling has two emphases:

  1. Building high quality relationships with her co-workers and her clients
  2. Doing excellent construction work

She believes if she stays focused on these two things, she will be living her calling from God.

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Think about your own work

What is your gift?

How can you think about your gift as a calling?

What are the things you have to focus on to live your calling effectively?

Now there’s an APP for that!

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