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We are called to love ourselves as part of the call to love God and love others. Taking care of ourselves includes making sure we have enough time in our schedules for activities that we really enjoy. Yes, it’s important to love your work, but you can also have another “occupational” love called your hobby, and it can help you express a side of yourself that you don’t get to express in your work. Take a look at the list of hobbies we’ve created. and then use the reflection questions below to consider how you are called to recreate!

Snorkeling Science Frisbee golf Working out Golf
Softball league Painting Hiking Book club Cooking class
Sculpting class Musical instrument Wood working Flag football Flower gardening
Vegetable gardening Dialogue groups YMCA membership Get a pet Gaming
Mechanics Painting Fruit gardening Sky diving Boating
Mushroom hunting Herb gardening Video production Storytelling Historical society
Coin collecting Drama Ceramics/Pottery Volleyball Equestrian
Bird watching Biking Billiards Wine club Ping pong
Camping Photography Archery Bowling Tennis
Board games Toy making Stamp collecting Antiques Museums
Writing/Blogging Tapping maple trees Flea markets Catering Refinishing
Glassblowing 3-D printing Aqua scaping Astronomy Podcast
Ice skating Robotics Scrapbooking Skiing Houseplants
Sewing Sketching Coffee roasting Candle making Origami
Yoga Slacklining Handball Shuffleboard Zumba
Travel Rappelling Caving Rock tumbling Chess
Dancing Darts Marbles Axe throwing Corn hole

As you consider a hobby, think about it as a calling.

  • How is this a call to take care of and love yourself?
  • How is this a call to social interaction or community development?
  • How is this a call to develop and express your true self?
  • How is this a call to experience joy?

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