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Life Transitions

Letting go and moving on is a key part of successful life transition. Of course, that’s easier said than done.

Take a look at Lauren’s challenging transition into young adulthood and how her dad had a difficult time accepting her growing up and following her own calling. Pay attention to what she had to let go of and how she had to move on in certain ways.

Lauren was called from judgment to forgiveness through her life transition into a more adult relationship with her dad. It was clearly a very difficult transition for her and kind of messy, but in the end she says it’s worth “stepping into the mess.”

Lauren also mentioned several little practices she committed to that would help her live in a more forgiving way with her dad. She decided to…

  • “look him in the eye”
  • “ask him questions”
  • “smile”
  • “joke”

These small practices were her way of shifting the relationship. It’s what we do that matters when we are working our way through a transition. Lauren had a plan, and she executed it faithfully in response to her call to transition to a more adult relationship with her dad.

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